Full Service Property Management Program

This is the most comprehensive program available from Palmaris. The program is ideal for absentee owners who want full property management services. We handle all issues for your property and provide proper documentation and reporting to you. In this program, Palmaris:

  • Collects rents, late fees and bounced check fees
  • Delivers notices to tenants
  • Supervises maintenance and repairs
  • Pays real estate loans, taxes, insurance and other expenses
  • Provides each owner with monthly computerized property reports
  • Advertises and shows your vacant units*
  • Interviews and screens all prospective tenants*
  • Prepares a lease agreement that properly covers your property*
  • Oversees and assists resident manager (where applicable)
Cost of Program: Management fees range between 5 - 10% of gross monthly income collected, with a minimum of $125.00 per month for single family homes. Minimum for multi-family properties vary. (*Leasing fees are exclusive of management fees.)

*Leasing fees are equal to 6% of one year's lease rental amount

Leasing / Rental Services

For clients who prefer to handle the day-to-day management of their property, but need assistance in filling vacancies, Palmaris offers a Leasing / Rental solution. Under this program, Palmaris will:

  • Advertise and market your vacant units
  • Handle all inquiries of vacant units
  • Show your vacant units to prospective tenants
  • Provide and review tenant applications
  • Conduct thorough verification and credit screening of all prospective tenants
  • Execute rental lease agreements and mandatory disclosures on your behalf
  • Recommend suggested maintenance
  • Collect all move-in funds in advance of tenant's occupancy
  • Conduct a thorough inspection of property and document condition upon move-in
  • Turn over original documents and provide a move-in reconciliation to owner upon completion
Cost of Program: Leasing fees are equal to 6% of one year's lease rental amount.

Tenant Screening Services

For clients that prefer to lease their own vacant units, we offer Tenant Screening Services to help owner's make informed decisions about prospective tenants. In this program, Palmaris will:

  • Verify all information on the rental application
  • Interview current and past landlords
  • Run credit reports on applicants
  • Provide lease agreements and mandatory disclosure documents
  • Provide clients with the original lease agreement and all related paperwork
Cost of Program: $250.00 - for up to two applicants, per vacant unit

Financial Reporting & Support Services

This program is ideal for hands-on owners or properties with an on-site manager. Palmaris can provide all of the following items, customizable to your needs, for the financial management of your real estate investment:

  • Collect your rents
  • Pay your bills, loans, taxes, etc.
  • Prepare monthly operating statements
  • Provide the required annual IRS 1099 forms*
    (*This applies only to vendors that we pay on an owner's behalf)
Cost of Program: 3 - 5% of gross monthly income collected